Mr. Timothy Whitaker has spent years building a collection of museum-quality authentic primitive art from around the globe. His collection features incredibly rare ancient artifacts from Tibet to Timbuktu. 



Rare Antique Kota Reliquary (SOLD)

African Copper and wood artifact, Kota People. Priced at $2,200. 

Extremely Rare Antique Bambara Fertility Figure

West African Artifact, the Bambara people. 18th Century. Priced at $575

IMG_2607 (2).jpg

Native American Antique Huckleberry Basket

Native American cultural artifact from the Northwest Plateau Tribes (includes Walla Walla tribe). Priced at $850. 

Vintage Bali Water Buffalo Carving

Woodcut from a master carver, Indonesia. Priced at $385


Vintage Persian Brass Teapot

Priced at $85. 

Ancient African Excavated Stone Figures

These ancient figures were found in an Archeological site in Africa. Exact date impossible to determine. Priced at $325 and $285, respectively.